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0057aAdmiral King with Prince Satsuma and his Prime Minister

very good condition; illustrated in R.M. Jephson & E.P. Elmhirst, 'Our Life in Japan,'London: Chapman and Hall, 1869 (p. 280). See also article Sebastian Dobson,‘Frederick William Sutton, 1832–83: Photographer of the Last Shogun,’ in Hugh Cortazzi, ed., Britain and Japan: Biographical Portraits, vol. 4. London: Japan Library, 2002, pp. 289–302. Lord Walter Kerr photographed the Prince of Satsuma in July 1866. This photograph is of historical importance and is extremely rare.  

Price: SOLD

Medium: Albumen print, tinted

Mount: Original mount


Dimensions: card size 105 x 63mm

Year: 1866


Photographer: Lord Walter Kerr

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