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Fukuzawa Yukichi Portrait - Original Watercolour
unidentified artist 

unknown artist, ca. 1900, measures 503 x 408mm, painted on canvas, unmounted, some scratches to surface and very minor discolouration, otherwise in very good condition..more >>

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The United States Exhibition to Japan: 1852-54
Illustrated London News 

This is an original full-page text plus wood-cuts from an 1853 issue of the Illustrated London News. The engraving of Commodore Perry is from a daguerreotype by Matthew Brady..more >>

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Felix Beato - The War In China
Illustrated London News 

Original wood-cut engravings reproduced on a double-page of the Illustrated London News from an 1860 issue..more >>

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Pierre Rossier - Woodcuts of Chinese Photographs
Illustrated London News 

An original page from an 1861 issue of the ILN showing woodcuts of Rossier's stereoview photographs..more >>

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