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Old Japan Catalogue #34 (colour photocopies only)
Old Japan 


COMMEMORATING 150 YEARS OF JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHY This is Old Japan’s largest catalogue to date [90 pages in colour, 297x207mm] with an unprecedented offering of exceptionally rare and historically important items including: a Felix Beato album of 25 prints; previously unknown album of Matsuzaki Shinji’s photographs of Japan’s 1877 Industrial Exhibition; important albums by Uchida Kuichi, Kusakabe Kimbei, Ogawa Kazumasa, Esaki Reiji, Kanamaru Genzo, Enami Nobukuni (attrib.), Suzuki Shinichi I and Stillfried & Andersen; unique album of more than 300 portraits of famous Meiji-era Japanese from royalty to artists; rare album of Japan’s participation in the 1936 Berlin Olympics; photographs of the 1871 Kobe typhoon, 1874 Nagasaki typhoon and 1891 earthquake; unique giant photographic Kusakabe display frame; important Nagasaki views by Ueno Hikoma; Charles Weed Nagasaki mammoth-plate view; 100 Japanese 1869 art photos by Wilhelm Burger; photographs of Julia Lowder (née Brown)- Japan’s first female photographer; magnificent panoramas of Yokohama, Kobe and Hakodate by Kusakabe, Beato and Tamoto Kenzo; very rare views of 1871 Korea by Felix Beato; samurai portrait by Milton Miller; early attributed Charles Parker view of Kobe; group of Chinese views and portraits by William Saunders; rare and important stereoviews by Shimooka Renjo, John Wilson, Daniel Clark, Paul Champion, Wilhelm Burger, Pierre Rossier, Charles Weed, Peter Weil, E & H. T. Anthony, G. Riemer, Colonel Du Pin and Antoine Fauchery; rare stereos and cartes de visite of Japanese entertainers abroad including Tannaker Buhicrosan and Asi-Kitchi and wife; cartes de visite by William Willmann, Felix Beato and Tomishige Rihei etc. etc…  

Price: $40

 Reference: OJ34


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