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Below is a selction of books by Terry Bennett.  Please click on the images to see more details about each book, and ordering information.

Complete Record of Reported Events, 1870-1899
Compiled and introduced by Terry Bennett

Japan and The Graphic

Published by Global Oriental, 2011. 404pp, hardback.

A complete record of every Japan-related article that appeared in The Graphic from 1870 until 1899.

Important features:

  • 8-page plate section featuring a selection of The Graphic's colour printing relating to Japan
  • a full cross-referenced Index by J.E. Hoare
  • an historical perspective by former British Ambassador to Japan Sir Hugh Cortazzi
  • an introduction to The Graphic in the context of nineteenth-century media history by Terry Bennett.

Available directly from Brill. How to order your copy

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Photography in Japan 1853-1912
Terry Bennett   Published November 2006

Photography in Japan 1853-1912

Published Tokyo: Tuttle Publishing, 2006. 322x244mm, 320pp.

As well as providing the most complete history of Japanese photography so far published, this fascinating book provides a unique visual insight into Japan's rapid transformation from a feudal society to a modern, industrial state.  The photographs, taken between 1853 and 1912 by both commercial and amateur Japanese and Western photographers operating in the country, document a nation on the brink of abandoning its traditional ways and entering the modern age.

Important features:

  • comprehensive history of Japanese photography
  • over 350 photographs and 50 plates in colour, black & white, and sepia
  • around 50% of the photographs are published here
    for the first time
  • photographs gathered from major private and institutional collections around the world, including Japan, United States, Europe, Canada and Australia
  • results of major new research findings
  • an index of commercial and amateur photographers
    in Japan
  • a chronology of photography in Japan
  • a glossary of photographic terms

A new book from Terry Bennett  of Old Japan.
How to order your copy

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Old Japanese Photographs: Collectors’ Data Guide
Terry Bennett   Published November 30th, 2006

Photography in Japan 1853-1912

Published by Bernard Quaritch Ltd., London, 2006. 255x180mm, 308pp, hard-back in blue cloth, pictorial dust-jacket, approx. 110 monochrome photographs and 120 other illustrations.

If you are interested in the field of old Japanese photographs as a collector, researcher, dealer, curator or auction house then this book is, quite simply, indispensable. The author has written on and researched the subject for many years and has brought together in one volume the results of exciting new research and also data which has been gathered from long-forgotten and largely inaccessible nineteenth-century sources. Souvenir photographs of Japan, mostly hand-coloured, are extremely collectible today. However, it is usually very difficult to identify the photographer or studio from where they originated. Provided here is a list of more than 4000 such photographs which greatly assists the identification process. Finally, a unique index of over 350 photographers and publishers of Japan-related stereoviews is also included.

Important features:

  • collection of old and new articles on vintage Japanese photography
  • new discoveries presented here for the first time
  • important lists and data guides for novice and expert alike
  • over 4000 photographs identified by studio
  • an index of more than 350 photographers and publishers of  Japan-related stereoviews
  • fascinating section illustrating numerous old studio advertisements
  • and much, much more...

A new sister-publication to Terry Bennett’s Photography in Japan: 1853-1912.  Order your copy here!

Out of Print  - eBook version now available!

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Complete Record of Reported Events, 1853-1899
Compiled and introduced by Terry Bennett

Japan and The Illustrated London News

Published by Global Oriental, 2006. 300x215mm, 411pp, hardback

A complete record of every Japan-related article that appeared in The Illustrated London News from 1853 until 1899.

Important features:

  • Extensive, authoritative coverage
  • Profusely illustrated throughout
  • All original Japan-related text included
  • Introduced by Terry Bennett
  • Historical Perspective by Hugh Cortazzi
  • Comprehensively indexed by J.E. Hoare

Available directly from Global Oriental. How to order your copy

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Early Japanese Images
Terry Bennett

Early Japanese Images

Published Tokyo: Charles E.Tuttle Co., 1996. 265x190mm, 168pp.

Since its publication in 1996, this title remains a valuable source of information on Japanese photography during the late Edo and Meiji periods (1850-1912).

Important features:

  • historical overview of the years 1853-1912
  • the story of early Western/Japanese photographers in Japan
  • over 40 photographs in colour
  • over 100 photographs in sepia
  • an invaluable index that identifies the photographers of over 1,200 photos taken in Japan according to their number and title
  • hardback edition, mint condition, signed by author.

Now out of print, it is increasingly difficult to find. We have a few copies still available. Order your copy here!

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History of Photography in China: Chinese Photographers 1844-1879
Terry Bennett   To be published May 2013

History of Photography in China: Chinese Photographers 1844-1911

To be Published by Bernard Quaritch Ltd., London, May 2013

This book is the first extensive survey of early Chinese photographers in any language. It is profusely illustrated with more than 400 photographs, many of which are published here for the first time, including a fine selection of Foochow landscapes from the studios of Lai Fong, China’s leading photographer during this period, and Tung Hing.

This book completes a three-volume series on the photographic history of China until the late 19th century and will prompt a re-evaluation and heightened appreciation of these early Chinese photographers.

‘This volume by Terry Bennett is a welcome addition to the discussion of photography as both practice and collective artefact situated beyond the familiar metropolitan circuits of the West’ - Oliver Moore, Trans-Asia Photography Review

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History of Photography in China: Western Photographers 1861-1879
Terry Bennett   Published December 2010

History of Photography in China: Western Photographers 1861-1879

Published by Bernard Quaritch Ltd., London, December 2010
230 x 238 mm, 419 pages, over 400 illustrations

Profusely illustrated with reproductions of several hundred original photographs, this is the most extensive general survey in any language of Western photographers working in China in the 1860s and 1870s. Over eighty different photographers – from well-known professionals to little-known amateurs – are discussed, with a mass of biographical information, much previously unpublished. Numerous images are attributed to particular photographers for the first time and several hitherto unknown photographers are identified.

Prominent among the photographers included are John Thomson, a consummate professional whose travels of several thousand miles produced the most extensive photographic record of China in the nineteenth century; William Floyd, who pursued a long and successful career as a photographer in Hong Kong; David Griffith, one of the most technically adept photographers in China during these years and a writer on photographic matters who worked for a while with the Chinese photographer Lai Afong; Thomas Child and John Dudgeon, an engineer and a missionary doctor respectively in Peking who were also talented photographers; William Saunders and Henry Cammidge, both professionals based in Shanghai; and the controversial St Julian Edwards in Amoy, who combined photography with a multitude of other activities, legal and illegal. Several Russian photographers are considered, providing an important introduction to an often overlooked and distinctive aspect of photography in China in this period.

‘...an unprecedented guide to early China photography.’ - Roberta Wue, Trans-Asia Photography Review

Order your copy here!

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History of Photography in China 1842-1860
Terry Bennett   Published August 2009

History of Photography in China 1842-1860

Published by Bernard Quaritch Ltd., London, August 2009
230 x 238 mm, 242 pages, over 150 illustrations

Although the focus is of course on China, there are many Japanese 'echoes' in the book. For example, Orrin Freeman, Eliphalet Brown, Pierre Rossier, Colonel Charles Dupin, Charles Parker, William Jocelyn, Felix Beato, Charles Weed and Milton Miller are covered in the book and also worked in Japan.

There is also important new research material revealed. Of particular interest to those who follow early Japanese photography is confirmation, at last, of where and when Felix Beato was born and died. The life history of the mysterious Milton M. Miller is also outlined for the first time. Finally, important information on Charles Parker has emerged.

‘...a lasting and influential addition to the Chinese field of photography studies as well as nineteenth-century history.’ - Oliver Moore, Trans-Asia Photography Review

Order your copy here!

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Korea: Caught in Time
Terry Bennett

Korea: Caught in Time

Published Reading,United Kingdom: Garnet Publishing.,1997, 270x217mm, 144pp.

Important features:

  • The only English-language book on the history of Korean Photography
  • Brief history of Korea from the mid-19th century until 1945
  • The story of how photography came to Korea
  • Profiles on all the important photographers - professional and amateur
  • 151 photographs (15 coloured)+ map
  • Photographs from 1860s to the 1930s
  • hardback edition, mint condition, signed by author.

Now out of print, and increasingly difficult to find.
Order your copy here!

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Japan Caught In Time
Hugh Cortazzi & Terry Bennett   Published 1995

Japan Caught In Time

Published by Garnet Publishing Ltd., Reading, England, 268 x 225mm, 159 pages, 122 illustrations, mainly colour.

These photographs of Japan were assembled by the Russian botanist Alexander Vasilyevich Grigoryev during his 1879 trip to Japan. They include photographs from the studios of Baron von Stillfried, Usui Shusaburo and a number of shajo genre scenes by Suzuki Shinichi I.

Available directly from Garnet Publishing / Ithaca Press.
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